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Welcome to partgen project homepage! Partgen is written in C++ using SDL and OpenGL under linux. The project needs pretty much optimization and code rewriting, but as for today it just works, and shows o nice 3D fountain. In future I'm going to add a language to describe the scene, place many particle systems and customize them. Real-time properties modification will be possible through standard input or a scripting language, like ruby, so the user will be allowed to change the scene appereance during animation. Some other simulation aspects like collision detection are also planned to be implemented in future.

As for today, you can download the source and compile it;). Don't expect partgen to work fully flawlessly. It's pre-alpha!


When the project starts to work as I intended, I'll add some features. Now you can visit partgen's project page at

MichaƂ Trybus, coordinator and main developer.

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